Support Groups

Domestic violence victims come from all walks of life, but they share a painful secret: someone they love and trust hurts them.

Who can attend support groups at Gateway?

Women and children who have experienced domestic violence attend these groups. Whether you are still living with your partner or you have already ended your relationship, you are welcome to attend groups.

Are groups only for people who have been physically abused?

No. Survivors of domestic violence, whether it is physical, emotional, verbal or sexual, are all welcome in Gateway’s support groups.What do support groups cost? Groups are free and open to anyone who needs them. Sometimes people are surprised to learn that professional women with good incomes attend Gateway support groups.

What about childcare during support groups?

Gateway actually offers free support groups for children ages 4-18 who have witnessed abuse at home. Childcare is provided for ages birth – 4. These services are also free.

What groups are offered?

“Women seeking change” groups (Monday evenings) help women understand the basic dynamics of domestic violence.

Arts groups (Thursday evenings) help survivors learn strategies through the arts to cope with anxiety and other symptoms.

Life skills groups (Thursday evenings) cover topics such asparenting, finances, and stress management.

All of these groups are offered in English and Spanish.

How do I get started?

Call Gateway anytime at 770-536-5860 and let the advocate who answers the phone know that you are interested in attending support groups. She will make an appointment for you to meet individually with a Gateway advocate who can help you select the group that is right for you.