January 26, 2017

Gateway Domestic Violence Center welcomes new board members

Gateway Domestic Violence Center welcomed its 2017 Board of Directors, including six new members, during the first meeting of the year on Jan. 19. The board is composed of volunteer leaders who are representative of the Hall County community.

“Domestic violence is an issue that affects people from all walks of life, which is why we try to recruit board members who represent our community,” said Jessica Butler, executive director at Gateway. “With a broad range of expertise and a passion for bettering our community, our board members are the visionaries and support system that help Gateway fulfill our mission.”

2017 Board of Directors

The 2017 board of directors includes:

Susan J. Daniell, President
Vanessa Sykes, Vice President
Heather Hollimon, Past President
Carol J. Shirley, Secretary
Chris Griner, Treasurer

Loveanne Addison
Rachel Greene Ayers
Larry Baldwin
Lynn Carter, D.C.
Sally Clark
Wendy Coto-Puckett, M.D.
Melanie Couch
Shelley Davis
Bert Dillon
Jenny Floyd
Cheryl Forrester
Kristi Griffin
Patrick Higingbotham
Bernard Larkin
Kelly Lee
Brenda Matthews
Anna Moore
Jan Mundy
Karen Owens
Christy Payne
Todd Ratliff
Andre Robertson
John Robertson
Mary Stanford
Susanne Stribling Turner
Karen Walters
Keith Whitaker
Chris Wright

“Last year, the issue of domestic violence was once again in the headlines locally,” Butler said. “As we begin 2017, we remain grateful to our community for its support as we continue raising awareness about the issue and working to accomplish our goal to end domestic violence.”

Through crisis intervention, comprehensive support services and community collaboration, Gateway Domestic Violence Center’s mission is to help create an environment for safe, healthy, self-sufficient growth and violence prevention.