Needs List

You can contribute items to help with Gateway’s shelter operations. 

Current Needs List

Because Gateway operates in a confidential location, all donated items may be given at one of our Thrift Stores

  •  Big Wheel and scooter for play ground
  • Small Trampoline for therapy
  • Theraputty
  • Laundry & dish detergent
  •  13 gallon garbage bags

  •  Cleaning supplies for kitchen & bath
  •  Gift certificates to grocery stores, Walmart, Target and gas stations ($25 value).
  •  Sidewalk chalk, jump ropes
  • Food storage containers
 (Rubbermaid type)
  • Lysol disinfecting wipes

  • Kayden Flatware Sets (link below)
  • Art supplies for children’s group rooms (tempera paint, card stock, play dough)
  • Little tykes and little people toys for playroom
  • Card Games for children and teens

Last updated August 2019

Kayden Flatware Set from Target
Supply Kits

We are always in need of supply kits that provide our clients with some basic necessities and help them feel welcome as they enter our shelter. If you would like to be involved, consider putting some kits together to donate! This is a great opportunity for your church, your coworkers, your child’s soccer team, etc. to gather together for a great cause. Below are lists of the items we need for each kit.

Children’s  Group Kit  (high need)

  • Place in 2 gallon zip lock or plastic container with lid
  • Play dough or modeling dough
  • Crayola markers
  • Crayola colored pencils
  • Children’s scissors
  • Bottle of glue or glue sticks
  • **No pencils or crayons needed**

Women’s Support Group Kit (high need)

  • Place in 2 gallon zip lock bag
  • 2020/2021 Planner
  • Folder with brads
  • Composition Notebook
  • Pkg pens
  • Crayola colored pencils
  • Adult coloring book or journal

Children’s Emergency Kit (high need)

  • 2 Gallon zip lock bag
  • Girls/Boys new pkg underwear
  • Girls/Boys new pkg socks
  • Children’s cup with lid

Cleaning Supply Kit (high need)

  • Laundry basket  
  • 13 gallon trash bags
  • Kitchen cleaner (spray)
  • Bathroom cleaner (spray)
  • Laundry soap (pods please for hi efficiency washer)
  • Toilet brush
  • Paper towels    
  • Toilet paper  

Shelter Kitchen Stocking Kit (high need)

  • Flatware set for 4
  • Drinking glasses for 4
  • Rubbermaid Containers
  • Dish soap
  • Sponges/Paper Towels
  • Kitchen spray cleaner
  • Clear plastic drinking cups
  • Please pkg in rubber maid container or a laundry basket

Kitchen Restock Kit (High Need)

  • Place in 2 gallon zip lock bag
  • Kitchen towels
  • Pot Holders
  • 1 gallon freezer bags
  • Quart freezer bags

Beauty Kit (Not needed until January 2020)

2-Gallon or XL Ziploc bag with the following:

  • Hair dryer
  • Hair ties/scrunchies
  • Barrettes or clips
  • Wet/Dry brush
  • Wide toothed comb

Towel Kit High Need
2-Gallon or XL Ziploc bag with the following:

  • Large bath towel
  • Hand towel

Bedroom Kit

  • 13 gallon container with lid
  • 2 twin sheets sets (300 count or above)
  • 2 twin size blankets
  • 2 twin waterproof mattress pads
  • 2 pkg LED 60 watt bulbs

Bed Linen Kit (Not needed until January 2020)
2-Gallon or XL Ziploc bag with the following:

  • Twin size flat sheet
  • Twin size fitted sheet
  • Pillow case

Bathroom Kit (Not needed until October 2019)

  • 13 gallon container with lid

  • 6 white or cream bath towels
  • 2 white or cream hand towels
  • 2 black wash clothes
  • Heavy weight shower curtain liner
  • Toilet Cleaner
  • Bathroom Cleaner
  • Toilet Paper

Thank you for your willingness to help! Upon completion you can contact Gateway and we would be happy to make arrangements to meet you.  If you would like a Gateway representative to attend your meeting and give a short talk on Domestic Violence please email us below and we would love to accommodate!  For more information? about current Gateway needs, contact Janet Whittaker at (770) 539-9080 x108 or email. To learn more about making a financial donation, please click here. Thank You!